Malagueta’s partnership with Ambev – the Brasilian subsidiary of AB-Inbev, the largest beverage company in the world – began with an invitation to work with the company’s New Businesses Division, responsible for finding new revenue streams for the company in Brasil. We were tasked to build the brand positioning of Chopp Brahma Express, one of their ventures.

We started the strategic work for Ambev revisiting the business using human-centric design methodologies to understand the actual user experience. That identified this business unit as a potential exponential organization and we suggested an expanded service offering.

What we did:

– Context Analysis – desktop research, user cases survey, company situation analysis, pricing study, audience behavioral trends.

– Workshop to deep dive in the main audiences of the brand.

– Brand positioning workshop.

– Branding (name, purpose and visual identity) using Ambev’s methodology: VBB and VBI.

Malagueta then became responsible for the communication strategy as well as the creation of the concepts and key visuals of the campaigns for Chopp Brahma Express, Nosso Bar Brahma, Nosso Bar Skol and Nosso Bar Antártica as of January 2017, applying a new way of working in which we partner with execution agencies to take the work to market.

Since then we have developed and monitored the business results daily in order to course-correct strategy and improve efficiency. We work in partnership with four communication agencies hired directly by Ambev.