Tupperware Brands Brasil

Tupperware Brands Brasil has been enjoying a few very good years. Malagueta’s role was to support the leadership team build a strategy to achieve its BHAG (Big, Hairy, Audacious Goal), which is “be present in every Brazilian home” in the next few years.

To achieve this, Malagueta carried out a context analysis, idealized, organized and facilitated a shift-mindset and strategy workshop with all the company leadership, using human-centric design methodologies and presenting trends and concepts of exponential organizations. In addition, we set up a panel with people between 23 and 28 years of age in order to get this audience closer to the company’s leadership.

After the workshop, our team worked further in projects and insights in order to share a plan with Tupperware Brands. The company’s strategy is now being implemented.

What we did:

– Context Analysis – stakeholder survey, market context research, audience behavioral trends and deep dive in brand and company.

– Shift Mindset and strategy workshop – immersion program with the company’s leadership team to provoke and inspire healthy discussions about new ways of working, updating and aligning mindset, building projects and initiatives to be implemented.

Malagueta encourages knowledge transfer: all tools and methodologies used in the construction of strategies and projects can and should be used by our clients. After all, people learn much faster when they experience something.