OFF Site Johnson & Johnson Consumer Products

We were tasked with creating and moderating the annual off site of the marketing team of Johnson & Johnson Consumer Products in Brazil. The objective was to build lasting relationships between people and challenge them to think in innovative ways.

The solution was to develop an agenda that could include all business topics: marketing calendar, structural changes, new processes and celebration of milestones of more than 10 brands in the company’s portfolio, as well as a series of activities focused on innovation, teamwork and business disruption.

Outside of São Paulo and away from all urban chaos, the J&J team participated in the exercises proposed by our team; idealizing new businesses, learning more about the current marketing context and building constructive perspectives on how to improve the daily routine of the company.

Johnson & Johnson were a client of Malagueta for 18 months and we are proud to say we believe we had a real impact in the company as well as the people who worked with us. Among other things, we participated in the shift to digital in the company’s marketing and communications’ strategy, helped build a marketing services capability and helped develop and implement strategy for over 11 brands in their portfolio.