Instituto Aliança Futuro da Criança

In November 2015, we received an invitation to participate in the creation of a new NGO focused on supporting those already working for betterment of the education of children and at-risk youth in Brazil.

With the objective of generating financial, human and intellectual resources, allocating them in an efficient and transparent way, and working in partnership with existing institutions, Aliança Futuro da Criança (Alliance for the future of children) Institute was founded and, since its genesis, we are part of the team.

Malagueta was instrumental in building messaging based on our purpose. We also developed brand positioning, visual identity and tone of voice, as well as helped define how we would raise money to support our allies. The IAFC launched a consumer products and services brand; Dos Anjos (of the angels, a play on words so as to not sound religious) and our first products are cookies, snacks, honey and soup. We are not yet a year old and many of our clients (retailers) consider Dos Anjos a very successful launch in one of the most competitive industries in the world.

Currently, two of the founders of Malagueta are part of the Institute’s Board, wand we are proud to say we have already started fulfilling the mission of helping children and young people through our partnerships with Instituto Vocação, I.E.E. and Locomotiva, three of Brazil’s most respected initiatives in this area.