The company workshop is – almost – the new meeting normal. A word that has been used by many but few know what it actually means.

To begin with, let’s demystify the workshop: a three-hour lecture is not a workshop. The word workshop implies that “work” will be done. This means that the focus should be on those who, in fact, do the work and it takes place in a space with tools to work.

A painting workshop means that students paint things. A writing workshop means that students write things down. If the purpose of a workshop is to understand how consumers behave, it means that we will have to live ourselves as consumers, using empathy training tools and being able to step out of our own limitations and bias.

At Workshopping, participants will learn how to structure a workshop, from defining the objective, planning execution, what are the tools needed, ideal number of participants and measuring success. Instructors will share techniques for building the ideal workshop, regardless of the topic being addressed.