Elas por Elas


Female leadership begins with balance.

In a fast-paced, competitive world where patterns of success and role models are mostly masculine, young women who are at a crucial point in their career development need to prepare to gain space and, in the future, lead a new way. During three annual two-day sessions, participants will broaden their world outlook, better understand the context in which people and businesses meet, and meet new work tools. By deconstructing and really understanding the macro-cultural context in which we live, where business models are challenged, habits and attitudes change more often and more radically than ever before, and a new, fully connected generation begins to enter the job market and consumption.

The Elas x Elas program was designed to, first of all, explore one of the strongest female traits in leadership: the ability to work in groups and the constant commitment to others.

The program will bring together 40 women of different backgrounds and classes, with several stories: for each paying participant, we will have a scholarship. The main goal is to exercise empathy, the main tool of design thinking that increasingly builds or guides organizations toward success.
By bringing together people with diverse life goals and coming from totally different places, we increase the group’s creative ability, logical reasoning and real leadership skills.

Our format is totally multidimensional: during two days, young people will participate in workshops, attend lectures, work in groups for discussion and work on to develop ideas and business, whether these new opportunities or challenges encountered by the participants want to bring to the group.

As an Elas x Elas participant, you will develop:
– Strategic decision-making ability by learning to think faster and more creatively;
– Greater understanding of organizational dynamics to improve the design, implementation of new initiatives and avoid destructive conflicts;
– Better understanding of the current business context by understanding in greater depth tools and best practices of the world’s most successful companies;
– Tools for problem solving using diverse frameworks;
– A support network of young people like you who are asserting themselves as human beings and who need different points of view in their daily lives.

The Elas x Elas program is designed for young women between the ages of 25 and 35 who are looking to take on more responsibilities in their current (or out of the way) businesses and for women who wish to undertake but do not know where to start.