Behavior Change


Creativity has always been at the heart of building any business, but in recent years it has lost its place at the top of the management agenda. Relegated to the backseat, it has been replaced by efficiency and cost reduction discussions, financial exercises in pursuit of increased margin and a frantic search for new markets, through geographic expansions or identification of new audiences.

Managers tended to believe that knowing more about their business and markets is what can create new opportunities, rather than accepting that a fresh look may be the way.

Thankfully, creativity is again the focus of leaders. Leveraging new findings by academics and scholars in general in areas ranging from anthropology to neuroscience, and combining principles of economics, psychology, neuroscience, and empirical observations on human behavior, a framework of work based on Human Centered Design was created and with it, the ability to better understand how to bring about behavior change in humans.

Using design principles, this creative workshop for behavior change will present ways to influence human behavior. We know that people behave in certain ways on account of being motivated or not, because of the environment and because of the presence or absence of artifacts that allow the adoption of a particular habit.

Participants will learn how to set goals for behavior change and create ways to achieve them, in a simple and practical way, by applying the methodology in a real challenge.