Building brand positioning


Brand positioning refers to the reason why someone chooses a brand proposal over others. A good positioning ensures that all activities have a common goal and come from the same source, always delivering the brand’s role in people’s lives.

The brand positioning should answer:

It is exclusive/distinctive compared to competitors?
Is it significant and motivational for the market?
Is it appropriate for all major geographic markets?
Is the positioning supported by the delivery of exclusive, appropriate and original products or services?
Is it sustainable? Can it be delivered consistently in all points of contact with the consumer?
Is it helpful for the organization to achieve its financial goals?
Can it support and boost the organization?

In addition, Brand Positioning is the key to marketing strategy. A strong brand positioning drives the strategy, explaining the details of the brand, its uniqueness and its similarity to the competitors, as well as the reasons for buying and using that particular brand.

The workshop will present a simple and practical framework for brand positioning, so participants can not only understand the strength of a well crafted positioning but also question the positioning of brands with which they currently work; in order to stress-test their promises and improve day-to-day work.

The workshop is recommended for marketing, sales and communication professionals at any stage of their careers.